Improving Volleyball Spiking

Spiking a volleyball is an integral part of a good volleyball attack. Often times, players focus on hitting the ball harder when spiking, but it’s better to focus on swinging the arm faster instead. To start improving, players must know their starting point, so it is helpful to hit a volleyball against a ceiling or wall. By taking their focus off accuracy, players get a good idea of how quickly they swing their arms. Players can stop focusing on accuracy as they work on swinging faster. While playing on a team can make this difficult, if players are able to, they should be patient and work on improving swinging speed before refocusing on accuracy.

Since the shoulder serves as the base for spiking a volleyball, players may have to improve the strength of their shoulder joint to get faster swings. While improving strength in the rotator cuff is good, the scapula stabilizers need most of the focus. However, it is not just the shoulder that may need work. Training other areas of the body helps players transfer energy from one area, such as their jump, to the spike. Exercises including medicine ball slams and physio ball push-ups help to improve shoulder-area strength.

About the author

Isabel Harris Eide

A psychology student at the University of Miami, Isabel Harris Eide enjoys staying active through various sports. A volleyball player in middle school, Isabel Harris Eide continues to enjoy the sport on a casual basis.